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Student jobs, business collabo­ration and intern­ships

Perhaps your bank account is more red than black. Perhaps you would like to gain some relevant experience in your field. Perhaps you dream of starting your own business? Perhaps it would just be nice to have a valid excuse to take a break from studying from time to time? There can be many reasons to look for a student job, an internship, or another form of collaboration with a company – and we can help with your job-seeking efforts.

Maybe you should start for yourself?

Do you have a good idea for a business? Or a desire to build something yourself? There is a strong start-up environment in Horsens, and you are welcome to get involved – even if you are still a student. Begin by checking out these places and don't be afraid to reach out and invite yourself to a cup of coffee. The start-up community in Horsens is probably the nicest in the country.

  • VIA Student Incubator gives you (free) access to workshops, tools and methods that you can use in both your work life and as a student. You can find a steady or flexible work station long with other students working on their individual projects, and receive personal sparring from incubator consultants. For more information, visit their Facebook page.  
  • SCALE8700: The next level after the student incubator helps you and your company accelerate growth as part of SCALE 8700. This programme is the natural progression for student start-ups seeking to scale up their business. For more information, please visit Construction Center Denmark (in Danish). Or you can send them an e-mail with your questions at:
  • Makerspace: Campus is home to Makerspace, where you can access technologies, materials, and shared work spaces to bring you closer to your start-up dream.
  • Vi Starter Sgu: (Let’s Start Up) is filled with inspiration, networking and uplifting stories from the start-up community in Horsens – and some interesting names you might want to reach out to. For more information, visit (in Danish).
  • Business Horsens: Business Horsens offers free guidance on starting a business, information meetings, courses, and events that will prepare you for your own start-up adventure (and help you network). For more information, visit Business Horsens.